Tofas Also Exports Exec

1Featuring the leader of production and exports in 2016, Tofas is also exporting “Factory Director” to the USA.

Completing the year 2016 as the leader of the sector in production and exports; featuring one of foremost plants of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in terms of World Class Manufacturing, Tofas is going to export “Factory Director” to the USA. Akin Aydemir – who managed the duty of Industrial Operations Directorship of the modern production center which has reached the number of 450 thousand units of production capacity since 2010 onwards – has transferred to Sterling Heights Plant of FCA in Michigan as the factory director. Aydemir will be the head of the plant as Factory Director as of May 2017 that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles would invest $1,5 billion to produce Ram branded pick up vehicles. Zeki Erdal Simsek who was Quality Director has been assigned as Tofas Factory Director instead of Akin Aydemir. In 2016, achieving success as the most exporting company to the USA, now Tofas is exporting a top level exec to the USA. Last year, accomplishing its exports accounting for 4.2 percent worth $275 million in the total Turkish exports to the USA with its Fiat Doblo’s Ram brand version ProMaster City model, Akin Aydemir – who was Tofas Industrial Operations Director since 2010 at the plant which qualified as golden plant in Bursa – has transferred to the USA.

Not only vehicle, Tofas also exports exec to the world

Highlighting Tofas not only exporting automobiles and light commercial vehicles to the various countries of the world, CEO Cengiz Eroldu said, “Today we manage the production of 7 various brands concurrently and export to 80 countries. Last year, we have reached leader position of the sector with our export units. Beyond this we continue to export Turkish execs to different countries in different positions under the roof of Fiat Chrysler. Since 2010 to date having great contribution to our plant success, regarding having transferred of Akin Aydemir to Sterling Heights Plant as Factory Director we, as entire Tofas Family, are proud. This is not only success of Tofas, but also all of Turkey.” Stating accomplishing production in the number of 1566 per day and 40 thousand units per month, and Tofas had made unreached successes in the Turkish automotive industry to date, Eroldu recorded, “We accomplished the year 2016 with the number of 383 thousand vehicle productions. This number has become again a record in the automotive industry. This production of Tofas constituted one-fourth of the Turkish automotive sector. Among the plants which take place in the structure of FCA, Tofas plant became the most producing plant. This has also increased the place and value of Tofas in an absolute way. Now exporting our factory director to the USA, we clinch the position of Tofas in the world automotive sector representing our country.”

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