Tofas Achieves Record Exports Of Last 6 Years In Q1

fiatTOFAS has achieved a striking turnover and exports in the first three months this year through its passenger car exports 131 percent with acceleration of the new model Fiat Egea/Tipo.

TOFAS has done a quick start in 2016 with acceleration of Fiat Egea/Tipo of which manufacturing launched in 2015 as well as its leading R & D process. Based on the first three months of the year, a striking turnover and biggest exports were accomplished. Increasing its passenger car exports 131 percent in the same period, TOFAS has also gained 8 percent growth in the light commercial vehicle exports. As of March working three shifts, therefore Tofas ensured employment for some 1300 people. One of leading players of the Turkish automotive sector, Tofas has announced financial results of the first three months this year. Accomplishing turnover TL2,7 billion in Q1, Tofas has started the year very well. In the first quarter this year, as Turkey’s automotive production increased 4 percent to 346 thousand units over the same period previous year, Tofas’s production increased 22 percent totaling 79 thousand units. The total share of the firm in the production rose from 19% to 23%. In the first three months this year, 39 percent of the total production of Tofas was automobiles; the rate of the light commercial vehicles became 61 percent of the firm’s total production. Cengiz Eroldu, CEO of Tofas, drawing attention to the positive growth in the European markets, and said; “When looked at the European market in the first three months, automobile market grew 8%, light commercial vehicles 11%.” Reminding they had entered the year 2016 very well, Eroldu highlighted they had reached the highest export figure in Q1 this year since 2010 onwards. Pointing out Tofas’s exports to Europe increased 40 percent in Q1, Eroldu continued, “We have achieved the highest export level in the first quarter this year since 2010. In passenger cars, we achieved 131 percent increase. The total exports of Tofas recorded 35 percent totaling 58 thousand units in Q1 this year. In this, high demand to Egea/Tipo Sedan has played a noteworthy role. In order to meet this demand increase, we have carried out a three-shift working schedule in March.” “We are in leading position in Doblo and Fiorino small light commercial vehicles” Reminding the sales of new Fiat Fiorino had started in April 2016, Eroldu said, “Fiat sustains its brand state having the biggest sales rate in the domestic market with 89%. We have also been leading position in the small light commercial vehicle market with Doblo and Fiorino.”

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