TAYSAD Stimulates International Competitiveness

taysadTurkish Association of Automotive Parts & Components Association (TAYSAD) works on the new projects to make its members competitiveness in the international markets.

Turkish Association of Automotive Parts & Components Association (TAYSAD) started a project entitled ‘Promotion for International Competitiveness’ in 2014, the financial support of the project was managed by the Turkish Ministry of Economy. The earnings of TAYSAD members which participated in the project exceeded TL5,5 million. The member firms have recorded noteworthy development in the project of the Promotion for International Competitiveness launched two years ago by TAYSAD and supported by the Turkish Ministry of Economy. TAYSAD Chairman Alper Kanca in his speech said the project was the third one conducted by TAYSAD and the participant firms have gained recovery over TL5,5 million. Kanca added, “The project began last year, first we submitted our project to the ministry. We wanted source as a civil society organization, firstly we persuaded and then we started. Before, such kind of projects virtually was impossible. But, now our state has awareness for these kinds of projects how much we need and these kinds of projects increase the support for the future of our economy.” Recording they would make a travel to Japan together with the participation of the 13 members in July, TAYSAD Chairman Kanca continued, “In the framework of the project, ‘Promotion for International Competitiveness’, a few works have been done, also trainings and consultancies have been taken, meanwhile Japan has appeared as the key point in this project. For this reason, we have scheduled a visiting program for the plants of Mazda, Toyota, in addition four big supplier firms of Toyota in order to see the worldwide examples in place on 23-30 July 2016. Following these visits, we will evaluate the results with our firms by holding workshops what we see and learn.” Highlighting the participant firms in the project had gained competitive advantage by recovering in their cost and reducing waste, Kanca said, “If we would like to leave a better country to our children and we should exceed the arm-force, we should make other things. As for the other things are the aforementioned projects. Also the items such as R & D and innovation would be much more necessary. In a near future, existence and continuity of current companies is not possible. In order to sustain powerfulness of Turkey’s industry, we, as TAYSAD, will work studiously together with our members.” He noted that the participatory TAYSAD members had worked ambitiously in every stage of the process of the project and they had been quite successful, adding that TAYSAD had continued its works without stopping, so as to be successful in the global competitive race of the automotive supplier industry. Kanca concluded they were maintaining preparations for the two new projects.

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