Ship And Yacht Exports Set Record In H1

Turkish exports of ship and yacht set record in H12017 with 76.6 percent to worth $647 million over the same period last year, according to the data from Turkish Exporters Assembly 

The exports of ship and yacht broke record with 76.6 percent rise to $647 million in the first half this year. The sectorial foreign sales of two cities from Istanbul and Yalova met 89 percent of the total exports in the sector. The sector exports from these two cities in this period, accounted for 77.28% from Istanbul and 120% from Yalova, the sector exports from these two cities calculated worth $576 million 190 thousand. Last year in this period being $366million 332 thousand, this year in the same period the sector exports jumped 76.6 percent to $647 million. In June 2016, as the sector exports were $58 million 325 thousand, this year in the same month the exports surged 178% to $162 million 120 thousand. Following a wavering course, the ship and yacht foreign sales increased 57% in January, 40% in February, 87% in March, and decreased 16% in April this year. In monthly base, the highest exports rate happened in May with 237% with a record increase. Meeting the highest rate of the exports, Istanbul exported worth $452,5 million of the ship and yachts with 77.28 percent that was $255,3 million in 2016 in this period. Istanbul got share in the rate of 69.94 percent from the total exports of Turkey. Istanbul followed by Yalova which its exports were $56 million 194 thousand last year in H1, surged its exports 120 percent to $123 million 615 thousand this year. As for the share from the total of Yalova became 19.1 percent. Istanbul and Yalova which shouldered Turkey’s ship and yacht exports got 89 percent to $576 million 190 thousand this year H1. H117, exporting to 7 free zones, 102 countries and autonomous regions, the sector realized its most exports to Malta with $114 million 788 thousand. After this country, Iceland became second with $107 million 305 thousand in the sector exports in H1 this year. The Turkish ship and yacht sector exported to Canada worth $44 million 758 thousand, Marshall Islands $43 million 578 thousand, Liberia $38 million 795 thousand, Norway $37 million 793 thousand, the USA $27 million 704 thousand, Italy $25 million 311 thousand, the Netherlands $24 million 17 thousand, Estonia $23 million 794 thousand, the UK $22 million 714 thousand, Iraq $18 million 887 thousand, Britannia Virgin Islands $17 million 874 thousand, Denmark $17 million 555 thousand, Poland $14 million 194 thousand, Saudi Arabia $8 million 76 thousand and Qatar $7 million 188 thousand in H12017.

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