Sezgin Engine-Machinery Exports To 12 Countries

An engine factory in the eastern province of Elazig manufactures many of engine and motor types ranging from unmanned aircrafts to automobiles

An engine factory established in the eastern Anatolia province of Elazig 27 years ago and manufactured over 27 million units to date. The firm also exports to 12 countries.

Manufacturing motors for anti-aircrafts for the Turkish armed forces, for unmanned vehicles in the USA, also engines for an automobile plant, the firm also want to manufacture engines for the domestic-made car brand. Muzeffer Sezgin, Chairman of the Board of Sezgin Motor-Machinery, said they had daily 500 units of manufacturing capacity, when they would work full capacity they can raise daily capacity by 1,400 units and 40 thousand units per month. Telling after graduating vocational high school he started his business life, Sezgin said; “We had dreamed to manufacture such an engine. We have achieved our dreams. Now we have become a foremost firm both in Turkey and the world. We make engines as subcontract for a renowned firm in Germany. We are very happy achieving this in Elazig.

“We manufactured 10 million engines”

Reminding they had started production of submersible engines 27 years ago, Sezgin said; “At that time when we made decision for this production even nobody could not imagine. We have also worked on asynchronous motor in the whitegoods sector. We manufactured 10 million engines. We have kept up with present era. Our R & D department studies very well. We have a very well team as well. We made motors for drones and rockets.”

“We have begun to test of helicopter engines”

Marking they had also started testing of helicopter engines; Sezgin continued: “22 kilowatt electric motor and not internal combustion engine. Next year, we are going to install a new factory about these issues. This will be the biggest of Turkey and 3rd in the Middle East. We have not weighted only to vehicle engines, but also other motors.

“We did pre-agreement of 5 thousand vehicle engines”

Highlighting they had given importance to vehicle engines, Sezgin concluded; “We manufacture 2-type engines in motor vehicles. One is old generation engines. There were engines made in Italy and now we are ahead more than those. Their productivity rate is 90%, as for ours is 95%. They are copper injection Asynchronous engines. We are the second firm casting copper injection engines. Other one is the new generation engines we can manufacture all of them. We have gotten a new order. Now we have manufactured 20 of 5000 units.”

Sezgin marked they have had capacity to meet needs of both Turkey and Europe.

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