Satisfied Exhibitors, Delighted Visitors At GIMS

The 88th Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) closed with satisfied exhibitors, delighted visitors after accommodating more than 660,000 visitors (down 4.5% on 2017)

The 88th Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) closed on 18th Sunday night after accommodating more than 660,000 visitors (down 4.5% on 2017). The exhibitors said they were satisfied. The media coverage over the two press days confirmed the GIMS’s exceptional standing as a global communications platform. The slight drop in the number of visitors compared to last year actually helped to improve the experience of those who chose to attend the show, resulting in less crowded roads and car parks, better visibility of the cars on display and more space for technical and business discussions on the exhibitors’ stands.

Once the 10,680 or so media representatives had seen what was on show over the two press days and all the top automotive industry executives from around the world had met up with each other, the GIMS opened its doors to the general public for 11 days, to let amateur car enthusiasts discover all the brands and models showcased there. Two hours before the GIMS closed, the electronic access system had recorded nearly 660,000 admissions, down 4.5% on the 2017 total.

“Given the somewhat downbeat economic climate and an often anti-car media and political mood, we’re very happy with this result”, says Maurice Turrettini, President of the Geneva Motor Show. André Hefti, the show’s Managing Director, adds: “The slight drop in the number of visitors meant that those who came enjoyed an even better visit, since they could move around more freely, there were shorter waiting times in restaurants and there was more space to admire the large number of prestigious vehicles exclusively on display at this year’s GIMS”.

The initial results of a survey of exhibitors confirmed this positive impression. The representatives of the brands on display were very happy with how the show had been organised and said they were satisfied with both the numbers and quality of visitors. 80% of the visitors were working people (aged between 19 and 64), and 38% of them said they intend to buy a car sometime between now and 2020. So the show was a great success and the prospects for the car industry in Switzerland look rosy, considering that roughly 50% of the visitors were Swiss and comparing their number of prospective purchases (around (330,000) with the average annual total of new car sales in Switzerland, which has exceeded 310,000 units since 2015.

“We’re delighted to see that, contrary to the view relayed by the press, the GIMS is very popular among young people. Indeed, 30% of its visitors were between 15 and 29 years old. And whilst it’s true that these young people obtain their information via social networks and online, their enthusiasm suggests that our digital communication strategy not only paid off, but also motivated them – along with the efforts of the exhibitors – to come along for the live experience offered by the show”, concludes an upbeat André Hefti.

The 89th Geneva International Motor Show will take place from 7 to 17 March 2019.

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