Sanliurfa Municipality Strengthens Vehicle Fleet

25Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality is continuing to empower its vehicle fleet with TCV Karat diesel buses in public transportation.

Turkey’s southeastern province Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality continues its investments in public transportation with TCV Karat Diesel buses. Buying 25 unit Karat Diesel buses in the first quarter of 2014, Sanliurfa Municipality prefers TCV Karat Diesel buses again, according to the statement

Ensuring transportation of 165 thousand passengers daily on average, Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality takes place among distinguished provinces of Turkey in public transportation. Steadily spreading the public transport use with its innovative approach, Sanliurfa Municipality is going to increase passenger number of public transport by adding 18 TCV Karat Diesel buses. Highlighting that they had focused on public transportation to improve transport solutions, Huseyin Alagoz, head of transport department of the municipality said, “We have been using TCV buses for one year. We are glad from these buses as municipality, drivers and passengers.”

TCV Karat Diesel buses are preferred by local governments due to their passenger capacity, fuel economy and comfort. The buses carry 97 passengers, 27 seats and 69 standing. The super low floor TCV Karat buses are designed for all passengers to get on and out and interior movement as well as disabled people to travel safe and ease.

Stating they were following closely the works of Bozankaya firm in public transportation, Alagoz said; “Bozankaya offers Diesel and CNG buses with TCV brand. However, we also follow other projects of the firm as Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality. Trambus and E-bus vehicles which the firm has developed we consider ideal solutions in line with our province’s needs for public transport. Our priorities are the vehicles feature eco-friendly, energy saving, keeping commuter comfort in front plan.”

TCV General Manager Aytunc Gunay in his statement said; “Sanliurfa is an example province in public transportation. The Metropolitan Municipality improves innovative projects in this field. In line with this we believe they would use E-bus easily regarding the climate condition of the province. Sanliurfa is a province has plenty of sun and they can reduce fuel costs in a noteworthy size by installing their own solar system. In this way they will bring both eco-friendly solution and reduce operation costs.”