Sales Of Tractor Perform Uplift

sales-of-tractorTractor market has grown 14 percent regarding the agricultural sector experienced a very abundant year, as for the exports that shipped to over 130 countries surpassed 16 thousand in 2015

Thanks to rainfall recorded over average and thereby increase in the farmers’ income encouraged the sales of tractors. Tractor market has grown 14 percent, as for the exports surpassed 16 thousand units, according to the statement Irfan Ozdemir, Deputy Director General of Turk Tractor. Ozdemir highlighted that the year 2015 was a very abundant year in the aspect of the sector. Stating Turkey took rainfall much over the season averages in 2015, the farmers enjoyed a profitable year, Ozdemir said, “In vegetative agriculture especially in cereal produces records were broken. The wheat produces reached 23 million tons, barley produce to 8 million tons. Livestock husbandry also passed successful. 2015 was a productive, plentiful, profitable year. What would farmers do, when they gain increases? So, they renew their tractor, buy equipment. Last year they made like that. Last year, the tractor market broke historical record.” He marked the sales of tractors were 59,200 units as of the end of November 2015, the sales number in December has not cleared, but the total sales of tractor would exceed 65 thousand units in Turkey last year. According to this, the market would grow 14 percent. The exports from Turkey were shipped to over 130 countries, so exported tractors exceeded 16 thousand.

The sector would sustain its growth in 2016 too, Ozdemir said. He continued, “Primary reason of this autumn and winter falls began very well and January passed very snowy. In our sector there is an idiom said that ‘snowy year, profitable year’. It is seem that rainfalls in spring would be in the seasonal size. So, we guess that our sector would be productive, and get plentiful produce. Thus, we predict that agriculture and livestock husbandry would be good and also tractor market will grow in 2016.” The second effect that would ensure growth faith of farmers has increased in modern agriculture and technology, realizing the way to increase productivity passes through technology, so investing in technology more, Ozdemir recorded. Ozdemir said regarding current tractor inventory featuring elder needs replacing, 55 percent of 1 million 700 thousand tractors was over 24-year old and completed the economic life in Turkey. He noted they exported to over 130 countries in the 5 continents, of these 25 percent is made to North America and Canada.

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