Sales Of Luxury Automobiles Plunge 2.3%

The sales of the luxury and ultra-luxury vehicles in decreased 2.3 percent to 26,969 units in 2017, according to the data from Turkish Automotive Distributors Association (ODD)

The Turkish ultra-luxury vehicle market continued to constrict in 2017 because of rise of foreign currency rates and regulation enacted in special consumption tax. The sales of vehicles in F segment decreased 15.3 percent to 4,270 units in 2017 over the year 2016.

According to the data from Automotive Distributors Association (ODD), the sales of F segment, the luxury and ultra-luxury vehicles over 2000cc decreased 2.3 percent to 26,969 units in 2017 over the previous year. In 2016, the sales of E and F segment vehicles were 27,599 units. While the sales increased 0.6 percent to 22,699 units in luxury vehicles over the last year, as for the ultra-luxury vehicles plunged 15.3 percent to 4,270 units. In 2016, the sales of luxury vehicles were 22,558, in ultra-luxury vehicles were 5,041 units. Ultra-luxury vehicles dropped 3.9 percent and luxury vehicles 3.7 percent in 2016.

BMW, the bestseller models

In the luxury vehicle segment, the bestseller model was MBW 5 with the number of 7,964 units in 2017. This vehicle was followed by Mercedes Benz E with 6,039 and then Audi A6 with 2,674 units.

While BMW X5 model in ultra-luxury leading with 767 units, BMW X5 was followed by Volvo XC 90 model with 606 vehicle, Range Rover Sport model with 550 vehicles and Mercedes-Benz S with 357 units. In this ultra-luxury segment, Alfa Romeo 4C model, Audi R8 Model and Honda NSX models were sold only one unit for each model.

25 Aston Martin sold

Aston Martin sold 25 automobiles in F segment featuring ultra-luxury last year. Bentley sold 16, Ferrari 16, Lamborghini 7 and Maserati 76 vehicles.

In terms of total of E and F segment; 670 Porsches, 283 Jaguars, 258 Jeeps, 167 Subarus, 98 Toyotas, 63 Volkswagens, 48 Fords, 45 Lexus, 29 Ssangyong, 15 Seats, 5 Alfa Romeos, 5 Hyundai and 4 Mitsubishis were sold. E and F segment of Infiniti was not sold last year.

BMW atop, Mercedes second

Last year the bestseller model in luxury and ultra-luxury was BMW with 9,408 units. This was followed by Mercedes Benz with 8,264, Audi with 3,467, Volvo with 2,119 and Land Rover with 1,879 units.

In 2016, the sales of BMW were 9,318; the sales of Mercedes Benz were 8,488, Audi with 3,501 and Land Rover with 2,108 vehicles respectively in luxury and ultra-luxury class in the Turkish market.

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