Protocol Signed For Automotive Test Center

The protocol has been signed for the automotive test center of which construction is continuing in the district of Yenisehir, Bursa province

Hakan Cavusoglu, Turkish Deputy PM, said that the district of Yenisehir was located in a region to be a base for technology, automotive, industry and agriculture sectors at the ceremony area where the automotive test center to be built.

Reminding the works about high speed train, automotive test center, organized industrial zone and cargo flights at the airport, Cavusoglu said they would exchange opinions whenever they come together with Faruk Ozlu, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology about the test center.

Stating there was an issue to be overcome in terms of allowing the center to enter into force, Cavusoglu said; “The Minister Faruk Ozlu has exerted effort to exceed that issue. Today, we are going to take a concrete step including the TSE, Defense Industry Undersecretariat and TUBITAK. The test center has an area of 4,350 sq meters with 13 runways, 7 laboratories. The test center will be implementing both the automobiles manufactured in the home and abroad.” He also said the tests of the defense vehicles, items related to automotive supplier industry would be implemented at the test center.

The Minister Ozlu stressing letting the automotive test center to enter into force synchronously with the domestic made automobile production, and said; “Because designing and manufacturing is not enough. We should test and approve this. So, the test center we are going to install here has utmost importance. If we are going to make a domestic made car, we also need a test center. This test center will meet the need.”

“We will sell this car to entire world”

“We are not going to make an automobile only for Turkey, but also for the entire world markets. We will sell the domestic made car to the entire world. We are not targeting only the domestic market. Today, we export 80 percent of the automobiles which are manufactured in the home to market abroad. So, the domestic made car will be ahead of the products that Turkey exports. I hope we will also install the domestic made plants in other countries. The Turkish automotive industry has an outstanding infrastructure regarding automotive manufacturing industry, supplier industry, designing engineers, production engineers that have happened in the last 50-60 years in Turkey. We do not have any problem technically. We will make an automobile special to Turkey, when said Germany, Japan a few brand come to mind, hopefully when said Turkey such a brand will come to mind as well,” concluded Minister Ozlu.

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