Peugeot Turkey Rises Market Share

peugeotPeugeot Turkey grew 76 percent in the first eight months this year, as the total domestic automotive market boosted 48 percent

Rise in the foreign currencies have not reflected completely to the prices of the automobiles, so still very much advantageous prices might continue in September, Laurent Pernet, Director General of Peugeot Automotive Marketing in Turkey, said. Having assigned as Director General of Peugeot Automotive Marketing, Pernet announced the activities of the company between January-August. Stating while Turkish automotive market grew 48 percent, Peugeot Turkey grew 76 percent in the first eight months this year, so the Peugeot achieved 1,5 fold growth compared to the total market. Pernet marked that ‘Back in the Race’ strategy as well as new technology, and EAT6 Full Automatic Diesel versions had a great share in gaining of this result. He added Peugeot has returned to race increasing its sales 76 percent. Peugeot Turkey gained 3.5 percent market share accomplishing the sales number of 22 thousand 530 units; as 15 thousand 76 ones passenger, 7 thousand 454 unit light commercial vehicles in this period. Highlighting Turkish automotive market performed a growth much beyond the expectations in the first half, Pernet said; “While there was a record domestic market prediction for the year-end, however regarding raises in the foreign currencies in recent period realization of this increase might be difficult for the rest four months of the year. For October and after October the market situation will be set by the economic developments as well as change in the currency rates. We keep our prediction for the year as 920 thousand units in the domestic market.” Pernet stated they were advancing with safe steps towards their market share which was set as 4 percent by the yea-end. They believe that interest in the renewed 208 and Partner offered to the admiration of consumers in the second half would also continue increasingly in late period of the year, he noted. Pernet also indicated Peugeot 508 Blue HDi EAT6 full automatic diesel model would assume an important role to reach the target. “In 2016, we aim to raise our current image to the upper levels.” “We can state that we would be able to provide this easily through our present product gamut and with the products in the future,” he concluded.

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