Peugeot Tries To Expand Market Share In 2015

13Peugeot aims to get market share up to 4 percent from the total domestic market which is foreseen to accomplish about 800 thousand units in 2015 in Turkey.

Peugeot Automotive Marketing Inc. General Manager Marc Bergeretti announced their goal was to get 4 percent of market share from the total domestic market which is predicted to be some 800 thousand units in 2015. Marking growth rates remained very small in Europe due to facing deflation risk, he highlighted the economy must be revived in Europe. He added that the policy change of European Central Bank (ECB) made at the beginning of this year would lead to positive results; Bergeretti stated it would reflect positively to the Turkish economy too. Reminding interest rates had plunged in Turkey Bergeretti pointed out low interest rates were one of the basic elements to raise the sales of automobile.

Responding the question whether value decreasing of euro would reflect to prices of automobile, Bergeretti responded; “In 2013, TL lost 15-20 percent value against euro, but automobile prices did not increase in the same rate. At the same way opposite of that might be valid as well. Low euro can affect automobile prices some extent, but not to expect this would reflect to the market in the same rate. The competition conditions in the market would set low euro rate to reflect to the market in which rate.” “Discussions continue to maintain our cooperation with TOFAS”

Marc Bergeretti indicated that a recovery happened in the light commercial vehicle market in H2 last year. He continued, “In 2014, while 78-79 percent of sold vehicles were the passenger cars, 20-21 percent was commercial vehicles, we think this rate would change some extend this year and the sales of commercial vehicle surge by 25 percent in the total market. Our business cooperation with Tofas will end at the end of 2015 in the normal conditions. The discussions are continuing to maintain the cooperation. I am reasonably optimistic. We will make a new design in partner model towards middle of the year to invigorate our commercial vehicle sales. We will be displaying this at Istanbul Autoshow.”

He highlighted that DS series which represents luxury models of PSA Group has become a brand; they put DS atop as the premium brand of the group. Bergeretti said in 2014 they constituted two new partners one was the French government and other one Chinese Dongfeng Motor Corporation, adding that it was very important for PSA Group.

Last year, Peugeot obtained 3.14 percent market share, 17,026 units were passenger cars, 7,096 units were light commercial vehicles. Across the world Peugeot’s market share was 2 million 939 thousand with 4.3 percent increase over the previous year.