Over 13 Million Cars To Be Registered In Europe

12European Car Dealers estimates that the number of 13,137,600 passenger cars will be registered in Europe this year

The “European Car Dealers (ECD)”, a division of CECRA, estimates that 13,137,600 passenger cars will be registered in Europe in 2015. This represents an increase of 1% in comparison to 2014, during which 13,009,252 cars were registered. This forecast is based on the outcome of a survey conducted by CECRA, which represents the interests of automotive dealers and repairers in Europe.

The forecast includes 28 EU Member States (with the exception of Malta for which no figures were available) as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. For some countries, an estimation was made as CECRA does not yet cover all EU countries.

Both CECRA President Jean-Paul Bailly and ECD Chairman Jaap Timmer underline that 2015 is expected to show modest growth and could be a turning point, although there is still a long way to go. Furthermore, excessive discounts and “self registrations” have to be restricted.

The ECD division requests car manufacturers to take this forecast into account when setting their sales objectives in conjunction with their network all over Europe.