OTONOMI Tradesmen Donate For Rohingya Muslims

The head and members of OTONOMI – which includes automotive tradesmen in the capital city of Ankara – presented a donation check to AFAD, the Turkish charity organization for the Muslims who have been forcibly deported from Rohingya

Aydin Erkoc, the head of MASFED, BOD and OTONOMI, submitted donation check to AFAD for the Muslims who have been brutalized in Rohingya region of Myanmar by visiting AFAD, the Turkish charity organization.

The automotive tradesmen, who operate in Ankara the capital city of Turkey, have donated for the Muslims who have been exposed to assaults by the Buddhist nationalists and army members in Myanmar. Visiting Dr. Mehmet Gulluoglu, head of Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) at his office, Aydin Erkoc summited the donation check which was gifted by the tradesmen of Otonomi for the Muslims who have been violated, deported by the nationalist Myanmar people and the army of Myanmar. Niyazi Berktas, Secretary General of MASFED and the board members joined the visit as well. While offering the check on behalf of auto gallery owners, Aydin Erkoc said, “I hope as much as our economy gets recovery our members will continue donation more.”

In his speech, Dr. Mehmet Gulluoglu, Chairman of AFAD, briefed about their charity organization activities. Gulluoglu said; “Our helps are like sand in the sea compared to needs across the world. There are many things to do. I worked for four years in Turkish Red Crescent, now I have been here since 2 months. We try to do whatever we can.”

Highlighting AFAD was a potential partner in the social responsibility projects to be applied by Otonomi, Gulluoglu concluded, “We are ready for every kind of cooperation. Red Crescent Association became a very well experience place for me. Now we will be exerting effort what we can do for AFAD.”

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