Otonomi Starts Operation

otonomi1Opening its doors in the capital city of Ankara, Otonomi features one of the biggest automotive shopping mall of Europe and Middle East, aims to do its business according to the concept of institutionalization.

Otonomi has launched the new period with its 551 showrooms, 10 auto plazas and technical services, trade-offices; so, the customers can do all official transactions and tests at the same venue. The secondhand vehicles’ heart has begun to beat at Otonomi in the capital city of Ankara featuring as the biggest automotive shopping mall of Europe and Mideast. Otonomi – which will make a radical change in the automotive market and will transform its business to an institutional structure by rising bar especially in the secondhand vehicle trade – has opened its doors in the last days in Ankara. Being opened of the notary and a bank office, starting trade in a great deal of showrooms by moving of the auto galleries from downtown city, as well as preparations continuing in some of them; thus buying-selling transactions of vehicles have started at Otonomi on the way to be a dynamic market. Informing about the issue, Aydin Erkoc, Chairman of Otonomi and the Automotive Business Association (BOD), said; “Together with opening of notary and a bank branch, the trade has speeded up. So a new term has started that citizens will buy the secondhand vehicles, all official transactions to be made at the same place, as well as the vehicles to be tested with warranty of Otonomi. The new opened automotive shopping mall has also service departments like restaurant, market. Other branches are also preparing to enter into service. The citizens can meet their all needs here.”

End touring door to door for buying vehicle
There are 551 showrooms for the secondhand vehicles and 10 plazas for the new vehicles at Otonomi which will gather the auto galleries under a single room in Ankara located on an area of 375 thousand sq meters. There are also technical service department, trade department and offices. In addition to vehicle sales, there are spare parts, expertize center, test driving area, photographing center and fleet leasing services. Daily, the number of 9 thousand vehicles movement will happen at Otonomi with 11 thousand visitors. 12 thousand vehicles can be displayed. All service units take place in the automotive shopping center including 5-star hotel, café and restaurants, mosque and other service units. Serving on Sundays, with its all features, Otonomi is not only a trade center but also a multisided life center where families can evaluate leisure-time during day.

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