New Crude Oil Wells Explored

The highest in quality crude oil in Turkey has been explored by a private firm in Eruh town, according to the statement of Governor of the Eastern Siirt province

In the scope of crude oil exploration in Eruh town in Dogu Sadak-1 Oil Exploration Field, the highest in quality oil of Turkey has been explored. A private firm has intensified its exploration activities in 6 oil wells drilling depth of 2,400 meters.

Ali Fuat Atik, Governor of Siirt; Murtaza Dayanc, Head officer of Eruh town and Kemal Benek, Senior Colonel have inspected the Sadak-1 oil exploration wells. Governor Atik got information from the private firm’s officials about the works.

Inspecting the wells and production fields in place Governor Atik, stating they would want to allow Eruh town to be remembered with good services, he said being produced the highest in quality oil of Turkey in Eruh town would change socio-economic structure of the region, as well as it would ensure a great economic earnings.

Recording the crude oil wells have raised by 6 units, Governor Atik said 1000 barrel-day crude oil was produced in 2,400 meters depth, the crude oil is transported to TPAO in Batman province and being refined there.

New wells will be drilled

The official of the crude oil exploration firm, Cem Sayer said, “We have discovered our first well early 2014. Now we are going to drill the 6th well. Up to 15 days our crude oil production to be 1000 b/d in 4 oil wells. The highest quality crude oil of Turkey is produced here in 43,5 gravity. We are planning more oil explorations, drilling more wells.”

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