MSM Hits Its Target Sales Volume By Exports

11MSM GERMANY OIL produces industrial and marinated synthetic and mineral motor oils for automotive (PVL) and heavy vehicles (CVL). The firm has also launched brake pad production as of March. MSM achieved its targeted sales through progresses in exports.

“We aim a fast growth in the Mideast and African markets,” Alican Avcı, Chairman of the Board of MSM GERMANY JS, said. We conducted an interview with Mr. Avcı about current activities and future plans of the firm

Q- Would you please tell us about your activities since the establishment of your company?

A- Day by day, we have added new products in our product portfolio and extended our distributor network. We are a company that attaches a great deal of importance on R&D. We continue to be one step ahead in the market thanks to the works of our chemical engineers and marketing experts

Q- What do you produce for the sector?

A- We are producing industrial and marinated synthetic and mineral motor oils for automotive (PVL) and heavy vehicles (CVL). We have also started brake pad production as of March. The pad production currently started for heavy vehicles, but production for passenger and light commercial vehicles will start soon

Q- To assess the year 2014, how was it for your firm and for the sector?

A- The year 2014 was a difficult year for both our firm and for the sector. All firms were affected from that tough time from big companies to little ones. Especially sudden rise of dollar affected our domestic sales and profits negatively. Despite all these, the growth targets which set at the end of 2013 were achieved through progresses in exports.

Q- What are your plans and objectives for 2015?

Are there new investments you plan for the future? A- In 2015, we aim a fast growth in the Mideast and African markets. Because of long-payment terms in the domestic market and bankruptcies of even very deep-rooted firms in the market, we take our steps very cautiously. So, we target a growth through exports in 2015. Last month, we were at the fair in Algeria and we will take our place at the fairs to be held in Kiev, Nigeria, Dubai and Moscow. Of course, together with this, we will also get a place at the spare parts sector which we have begun with brake pad production by improving ourselves.

Q- Where do you ship your products in export markets?

Are there new markets that you plan to penetrate into? A- Currently, we export to Iraq, Syria, Azerbaijan, Nakhichevan, Georgia, Benin and Niger regularly. In 2015, North and South African countries, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Kuwait in the Middle East are the countries that negotiations are underway and we aim to export this year.

Q- Is there anything that you would like to add?

A- Our firm has come to a position growing quickly and making its presence felt in the sector. Our advancement with true and smart steps and our market share will continue in a growing trend. We follow up innovations continuously. We want to make us a sought after brand especially in specific products. Of course, as I mentioned before, we have very qualified engineer team and marketing staff to achieve this goal of our company. We manage very serious works by following feedbacks of aftersales services and final users. Our faith and wish is to become a deep-rooted and sought after firm in the sector. Our firm has a dynamic partnership structure with 3 persons.