Model Changes In Mega Project

The first two-storey of a three-storey road-rail undersea Istanbul Tunnel to be constructed for automobiles and the third one takes place at bottom floor for railway system

The railway storey of a three-storey road-rail undersea Great Istanbul Tunnel has been changed to take place at bottom storey which was previously outlined at the second floor in the project to link the Bosporus at the two sides of Asia and Europe.

The middle and upper storey, in other words first and second floors, will be used by automobiles.

The three-storey undersea Great Istanbul Tunnel project which starts in the district of İncirli via metro system up to Mecidiyekoy to pass to Anatolian side having integration both with Kadikoy-Kartal line and Marmaray.

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication, said, “At the same time, the tunnel will integrate with 9 various rail system which has been at the same line. The railway systems – which carry daily 6,5 million people – will be integrated each other.”

After entering underground from the district of Hasdal, the tunnel will be connected to the TEM in the district of Camlık for automobiles. The project is considered as an integrated system with Marmaray and Eurasia tunnels.

Highlighting the underground tunnel would serve for automobiles with two lanes, one way for rail system; Minister Arslan said that they had started the process including drillings of the project, studies and preparation of documents based on build-operate-transfer model.

Tender in 2018

Arslan continued: “The works have reached the final stage but technically there is a result, previously the rail system was planned to be on middle floor, following technical studies the rail system has been approved to take on the bottom floor. The middle and upper floors of the undersea tunnel will be planned for automobiles. The reason of this, after exiting out of tunnel the lines will separate to each other. Regarding the vehicles of rail system will be heaver; the bottom floor is more suitable for the rail system.” Minister Arslan recorded the tender of the tunnel would be held in 2018.

“Works will be cleared through research study”

Reminding the tender for Channel Istanbul’s research studies had been made, Arslan said in the scope of the tender new drillings would be made, the works have been managed related to 5 different routes about fresh water, ecological balance, urban transformation in order not to leave people in a difficult situation.

“After clearing the route that not to affect the fresh water basins of the region and not to damage ecological balance, the soil which would be excavated from the project area would be used in the agro regions, the rest amounts for use of the three various island building and landfills. Three islands will be made between Black Sea and Marmara, fillings of port and free zone will be made as well.”

Stating different finance models would be used for urban transformation, construction of the channel and ports in addition to ‘build-operate-transfer model’, Minister Arslan concluded the project costs $15 billion had importance in terms of protecting and saving the Bosporus from possible dangers.

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