Mercedes-Benz Turk Holds 6th Supplier’s Day


Starting in 2009, Mercedes- Benz Turk has organized the 6th Supplier’s Day of the Turkish automotive supplier industrialists at Aksaray Truck plant to boost purchasing of components.

Mercedes-Benz Turk held the 6th Supplier’s Day at Aksaray Truck Plant which has also celebrated its 30th anniversary. The agenda of the meeting with attendees of 350 people from 160 automotive supplier industry firms was to increase purchasing from the supplier industrialists operate in Turkey that is regarded having the highest potential in terms of the countries which supply parts to the heavy commercial vehicle production of Daimler to its plants in Europe.

With the advantage obtained by the geographic condition of the country that has increased the potential of supplier industry for the plants of Daimler in Europe, also the experience of Turkish automotive supplier industry companies for commercial vehicle production and know-how in supplying parts for the various automobile manufacturers in Turkey constitutes an advantage for the sector. Starting in 2009, Mercedes-Benz Turk has organized the 6th meeting of the Turkish automotive supplier industrialists at Aksaray Truck plant.

The number of 350 people consists of Mercedes-Benz Turk and Daimler purchasing department attended the meeting as well as the representatives of 160 supplier industrialists and administrators of TAYSAD. Summarizing goal of the meeting as deepening relations with the suppliers, in addition looking for new business partnerships for the projects to be addressed in the future, Britta Seeger, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mercedes- Benz Turk, said the negotiations made not only for truck and bus production but also for the automobile group and passed efficient. Seeger also highlighted the ongoing investment worth 118 million euro to be finished by the end of 2018, so the current capacity utilization in Aksaray truck plant would be double to ensure a high potential in terms of the business volume of the supplier industry production.

In Turkey, automotive supplier industry is progressing quickly depending on vehicle production which was the number of 1 million 360 thousand units in 2015. Turkish automotive supplier industry is regarded as the highest potential of Daimler in the scope of the countries which supply components to the heavy commercial vehicle manufacturing in the world.


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