Madrid Municipality Tests Karsan Electric Jest

AMadrid municipality, which is replacing its vehicles with zero emission Karsan electric vehicles, according to the test results in Madrid regarding maneuvering capability on the narrow streets and appropriate passenger capacity.

The domestic made Karsan, which offers modern solutions to cities through developed transport systems, has shown off its electric Jest minibuses on the streets of Madrid, capital city of Spain. Karsan Jest has taken full point from the experts in the scope of the project that transform the entire public transport fleet to electric regarding its maneuvering capability on the narrow streets and app passenger capacity. The Madrid municipality, which will replace the vehicles with zero emission Karsan vehicles according to the test results, will hold a tender, according to the statement from Karsan. Realizing modern public transportation vehicles and commercial vehicles complying with today’s mobility needs, Karsan tested Karsan Jest, Turkey’s first domestic made and electric minibus in the capital city of Madrid, Spain. Madrid Municipality Transport Company (EMT) applied tests for two weeks in the scope of replacing its all public transport fleet with the eco-friendly vehicles. With low platform, 19-passenger, and speeding up to 180 km/h, Karsan Jest electric minibus has completed the test successfully on the historical narrow streets of Madrid. Okan Baş, CEO of Karsan, said they had offered their eco-friendly public transport vehicles to the admiration of Europe. Recording a swift transformation has been started for zero emission public transport vehicles, Okan Baş, said; “We have offered Jest, the first and domestic made in Turkey electric minibus for the admiration of the world first at IAA Hanover Fair. Having liked much at the fair, now the electric vehicle has been tested in Madrid. Our model has obtained quite positive comments thanks to its high maneuvering capability being suitable to the narrow streets of the city and its passenger capacity. We wish to include electric model vehicle transformation of the Madrid municipality public transport company with our domestic made and electric minibuses.”

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