Lion’s Share Of Turkish Automotive Exports Goes To EU

lions-share-of-turkishTurkish automotive sector exported to 180 countries, autonomous regions and free zones in the 5 continents, in the first 9 months this year.

Turkish automotive sector shipped 76 percent of its exports to the European Union worth $11 billion 687 million of the total exports which were accomplished as $15 billion 370 million in the first 9 months this year. Last year, accounting for 73.71 percent of the total sector exports in the same period, the share in the EU market has increased despite the sector’s exports experienced constriction in the foreign sales due to euro/dollar parity. This year in the first 9 months, Turkish automotive sector exported to 180 countries, autonomous regions and free zones in the 5 continents, according to the data from Turkish Exporters’ Assembly and Automotive Industry Exporters Association. As of the end of third quarter this year, $11 billion 687 million of the total sector exports accounting for $15 billion 370 million to the European countries, the biggest commercial partner of Turkey. This amount constituted of 76 percent of the Turkey’s total automotive exports. Last year in the same period the sector’s exports to the EU was 73.71 percent to $12 billion 469 million of the total $16 billion 915 million in the sector. While Turkey’s total automotive exports decreased 9.1 percent, the reduction in the EU market remained in 6.27 percent in the first 9 months this year. The EU 27 countries showed predominance in the automotive sector’s foreign sales with $11 billion 687 million in this period. As for the 153 countries out of the EU countries the sector exports remained in $3 billion 683 million. Despite 13 percent decrease, the sector exports became $2 billion 439 million to Germany ranking atop in the EU countries in the first 9 months of 2015. This country followed by the UK with $1 billion 991 million increasing 5.69 percent, French market with $1 billion 536 million with 14.45 percent decrease. While the sector export surged in 9 EU countries, plunged in 18 ones in this period. Turkish Automotive Industry Exporters Association executive board chairman Orhan Sabuncu said the market had grown in a great deal in recent years. Recording the EU market had grown 8 percent in the first 8 months this year, Sabuncu said, “Turkish automotive sector exported 75 percent of its production. There-fourth of this 75 percent goes to the EU countries. When we consider the production as unit, 50 percent of the entire vehicles sold to the EU countries. Regarding the market is growing in the EU in recent few years, this makes up a positive effect for us. We have closed the gap which happened in some other markets through the EU market.”