Lassa Opens First Store In Portugal


One of the leading tire brand, Lassa’s first point of sales has been opened in the northern Armamar in Portugal to accelerate its consolidation activities in the European market.

One of the leading tire brands of Brisa, Lassa continues to grow globally and to add new markets onto its portfolio. Accelerating its consolidation activities in the European market, Lassa’s first point of sales has been opened in the northern Armamar in Portugal. Brisa has signed business partnership with Quim Dos Pneus and Pneurama, tire importer of the country. Halit Sensoy, International Marketing and Sales Director of Brisa, said, “We feel great enthusiasm opening our first store in Portugal. We will make both awareness and enlarge our current sales store across the country. We aim to increase our growth via new investments and new business partnerships with our Lassa brand that we have been sustaining our growth for years. Portugal is a crucial market for us on the way to be a global brand of Lassa. We aim to strengthen our position in the Portugal market through increasing our investments.” Exporting to 70 countries with Lassa brand, Brisa possesses points of sales over 140 markets abroad. Brisa has gained 11 percent increase in the first half of 2016 over the year on year in its international unit-base sales. In 1H16, while the European market grew 0.6 percent, Lassa brand recorded 5 percent growth in the European market. About Brisa As a joint-venture establishment between Bridgestone and Sabanci Holding, Brisa is the leader of Turkey’s tire industry. In the province of Kocaeli, Brisa production facility is one of the biggest tire plants of the world under a single roof with its closed area of 361 thousand sq meters. Brisa is planning to commission its new facility with 4,2 million unit capacity utilization at Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone in 2018. Under the brand name Lassa, the establishment of Brisa dates back to 1988 with the partnership of Sabanci Holding and the world’s tire sector leader Bridgestone Corporation, which kick started the journey of the Lassa and Bridgestone brands… Undertaking the responsibility of contributing both to Turkish economy and to overall development of our country, Brisa takes up sustainable activities in terms of environmental, economic and societal. “Brisa Members Educational Support Association”, “Lassa Set Off On A Safe Journey” and “Bridgestone 2mins. For Safety” projects for safe driving, “Brisa Museum” in the field of culture, “Let the Cranes Fly Forever” project are the projects in terms of environmental activities.

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