LASID Advises True Tire For Safe Drive


LASID advises to choose true tire complying with the vehicle and seasonal conditions in order to get safe driving

True tire is necessary for the safe drive; true tire is the tire complies with the seasonal conditions. The single connection point of the vehicle is the area of tire on ground. If this area is not used correctly, vital risk would happen, according to Bahadir Unsal, Secretary General of Tire Industrialists and Importers Association (LASID). Pointing out how to choose the safe tire, LASID advises drivers in terms of using true tire. LASID Secretary General Bahadir Unsal said, “Tires are life jacket for safe drive. The only point of your vehicle that has connection with ground is the area that presses on ground. It is almost in size of your hand. If you do not use this area correctly you can put you and occupants in vehicle into risk. For safe drive it is necessary to select suitable tires for the vehicle and seasonal conditions. We also should not forget that traffic operates thanks to all of drivers and pedestrians’ common conscious and respecting to each other.” Completing all preparations before 1st December Well, what is the true tire? The true tire’s criterions are listed by Bahadir Unsal as follows. The truest tire for a vehicle is the tire of which specifications have been set by the vehicle producer. In addition, it requires paying attention the tire complying with the seasonal conditions. The vehicle producers determine tire in the most suitable feature and size conforming to the effects of speed, road, load and similar ones while the vehicle is designed following testing and approval process. The thing drivers should make is to choose the advised tire type and size. Different weather conditions are also crucial criterion in tire selection. When looked at the applications in the world in terms of traffic safety and safe drive, use of the winter tire is suggested when the temperatures drop under +7 C aadegree. The winter tire criterions are also implemented in our country. Before 1st December the winter tires should be prepared, from now on the winter preparations of the vehicles should be completed. We should not forget that the winter tire is purchased conforming to the specifications which are set by the vehicle producers.


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