Kudret Onen Hands Over His Duty

Turkey’s Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD) held its 44th General Committee Meeting and Kudret Onen handed over his duty to Haydar Yenigun

Since 2010 when elected as the head of the OSD, managing as the chairperson of the association, Kudret Onen handed over his chair to Haydar Yenigun. With its 14 members who guide the Turkish automotive industry, the Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD) held its 44th General Meeting in Istanbul with attendee of Faruk Ozlu, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology.

Haydar Yenigun was elected as the new chairmen of the OSD at the 44th General Committee Meeting of the OSD, as well as the new board members were determined. Suer Sulun assigned as deputy chairman, Cengiz Eroldu, Munur Yavuz and Tunc Basegmez elected as vice chairman. Hasan Yildirim was determined as accounting member, Habip Aşı, İsmail Sümer, İzzet Kalaycı, Marco Votta, Necdet Şentürk, Okan Baş, Serdar Görgüç, Tuğrul Arıkan were elected as board members.


Virtually 2 out of 100 vehicles which are manufactured across the world from Turkey

Evaluating the year 2017 at the general meeting, Kudret Onen said; “The automotive industry in our country has transformed to an important production hub almost manufacturing 2 out of 100 motor vehicles in the world according to the figures of the year 2017. Exporting 79 percent of our production our automotive industry has been featuring export leader for 12 consecutive years, as of 2017, the sector exports also accounted for 18.2 percent of the total Turkey’s exports. In 2017, our sector exports reached worth $29 billion. Today shaping the global economy, contributing remarkably to the national economies and being unchanged part of our life the automotive industry has also become a crucial part of our country economy contributing manufacturing industry and exports.”

“Strategies should equipped with new incentives”

Pointing out 3 critical points in order to make the Turkish automotive industry grow sustainably, Kudret Onen recorded allowing competition to be sustainable, attracting new investments and entering new projects into force in Turkey are important.

Kudret Onen continued, “I believe that the decisions to which our industry need must be made quickly, coordination should be provided between public bodies and working in coordination with the industry are must for sustainable success. This cooperation should be installed on our industry’s areas that have been defined for sustainable success and developing strategy and with the new incentives. In order to let our industry’s sustainable competition continue and growth strategies should be improved for short, medium and long terms.”

“New investment should be attracted to the domestic market, Brexit should be tracked”

Highlighting importance of the domestic market in order to enlarge new product portfolio, contributing to foreign trade balance and allowing exports to get noteworthy acceleration, Onen said; “The investment incentives should be brought to a position to be able to compete with the North African and Central European countries. Brexit issue is specially tracked and measures should be taken not to impact our industry exports in a negative way. The logistic matter should be progressed in a way to support our industry and new incentives should be planned. Following global developments closely and taking necessary measures in a quick and effective way in order to ensure development of our industry has become a compulsory condition in a business condition which competition increases swiftly and continuously.”

“I believe time to hand over the duty”

Indicating during his duty as chairperson of the OSD, he enjoyed a very happy term, Kudret Onen concluded, “I tried to represent our industry in the best way along with our members and employees of our association to surge competitiveness of our industry. I believe it is exact time to handover my duty this year. I offer my thanks regarding your support during my tenure.”

Haydar Yenigun: Our priority to prepare the sector for the future

Delivering his thanks to Kudret Onen regarding managed his duty with a great self-scarifying since 2010 to date, Haydar Yenigun said; “Chairing this prestigious and valuable association which feature as the roof organization of the automotive sector involves very special approach and competence. Mr. Kudret has achieved this very well. I see chairmanship of this association as a flag contest. You all have handed over this flag to me today. I would like to be known that I feel value of this duty in the highest level. As a person that I believe growth via producing, bringing our sector to a better position, letting it grow, diversifying, the most important one is to prepare for the future which includes lots of uncertainties. I believe I will fulfill this duty which takes place over competition deservedly along with your support.”

Export, Technology and Supplier Industry Awards found their owners

The success awards were presented to the members of the OSD who exported in 2017. The awards were classified in four main categories as Platine Plaque, Gold Plaque, Gold Prize and Silver Prize.

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