ITU Cekirdek Invites Entrepreneurs To Stage Of Big Bang

The entrepreneurs, who will stride for the automotive sector grow, are preparing for ITU Cekirdek Stage of Big Bang

Automotive Technologies Category’ – which was initiated by cooperation of ITU ARI Teknokent and Turkish Automotive Exporters Association (OIB) in 2015 – invites the entrepreneurs in the automotive field to stage of Big Bang this year. Having consolidated the powers in 2015 aiming to let automotive sector grow more with innovative technologies in the years to come, ITU ARI Teknokent and the OIB recognized opportunity for success stories in the past process. The enterprises of automotive technologies category, as IUGO, Enwair, Garajyeri, RePG and Parkkolay, got investment worth
TL5 million to date. Setting out with believe of being able to achieve technology production for Turkey’s competition advantage in automotive, the OIB and ITU ARI Teknokent waits all entrepreneurs which produce innovative technologies for Automotive Technologies Category. In this category the entrepreneurs take place that have an idea or projects directed towards technologies constitute automobiles such as safety systems, environment friendly units, navigation, smart outfit, electric and electronic systems, outdoor-indoor lighting, smart vehicle software, energy saving in ‘Automotive Technologies Category’. Success stories have appeared by cooperation of OIB-ITU ARI Teknokent In the scope of the OIB, ITU ARI Teknokent, the projects – which qualified in Automotive R & D Project Market and Component Design Contest – are accepted to ITU Cekirdek. As the project owners, who benefit from experience of the OIB in the automotive area, also get advantage from speeded training of ITU Cekirdek, meeting wide network and tens of mentors. In addition, the entrepreneurs’ expenditures are met by R & D fund of the OIB worth TL 75,000 and prototype development at the ITU laboratories. At the end of process, the entrepreneurs which joined in ‘Automotive Technologies’ category get chance to participate in ITU Cekirdek Big Bang entrepreneurship contest as well as prize worth TL5 million to benefit chances from investments. Within the last two years, the entrepreneurs who were supported by being taken into
incubation have caught possibility to realize their projects by obtaining investment. The entrepreneurs who started the commercial operations by letting their own expertise meet with customers, also began to contribute to the automotive sector economically. Among these projects, iUGO, which analyzed and improved the behaviors of drivers, has gotten investment worth $400 thousand from Keiretsu Forum Turkey Angel Investors along with the company valuation of $4,5 million. Enwair -which has solved quickly wearing out battery problem with the patented new battery technology – has speeded up its works after getting prize worth TL150,000 with regard to getting investment first worth TL250,000 and then worth TL750,000. RePG, which works on innovative renewable energy systems and might have revolutionary impact for electric vehicles and off grill electricity needs, has gotten investment worth TL740 thousand. Parkkolay has won the prize worth TL85,000, the firm continues to expand the auto park network as well as its marketing operations. Garajyeri has gotten investment worth $800 thousand in the last one year. The all entrepreneurs who want to write their respective success story can apply to ITU Çekirdek ‘Automotive Technologies Category’ via

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