Imported Vehicles Go Towards Half Million


In the first 10 months this year, the number of 719,499 automobile and light commercial vehicles were sold in the Turkish market. 69.3 purcent of them were imported vehicles.

In the first 10 months this year, 69.32 percent of 719,499 automobile and light commercial vehicles which sold in the Turkish market accounted for imported vehicles. In January – October 2016, while the sales of imported automobiles reach 75.80 percent in the sales of the total automobiles, the sales of domestic made light commercial vehicle overtook the imported ones. Based on the firm Volkswagen ranked atop in the total of automobile and light commercial vehicles, in automobiles Renault, in light commercial vehicle Ford. Turkey’s total automobile and commercial vehicle market slightly constricted 1 percent to 719,499 units in the first ten months compared to the same period last year, according to the data compiled from Turkey’s Automotive Distributors Association (ODD). The sold vehicles’ 69.32 percent (498,735) were imported ones and 30.68 percent (220,764) were domestic made ones in the first ten months of 2016. Based on the firm, Volkswagen became first with 102,094 units, Renault second with 87,869 units and Ford third with 81,324 units. The sales of imported automobiles exceeded threefold of domestic made automobiles in the first 10 months 2016. As the number of 553,111 automobile were sold, of these 419,242 units were imported ones, 113,869 units were domestic made ones. In the sales of automobiles, Renault ranked first with 77,296 units, Volkswagen second with 76,637 units and Opel third with 39,635 units in this period. In the sales of domestic made aaautomobiles, Renault kept atop with 47,797 units. It followed by Fiat with 35,106 units and Toyota with 24,232 units. In the imported ones, Volkswagen with the sales of 76,637 units, Opel with 39,635 units and Renault with 31,498 units took place at the first three lines. In this period 79,493 units were met by the imported light commercial vehicles and 86,895 units were met by the domestic made light commercial vehicles. So the sales of domestic made vehicles left behind the imported vehicles in this segment with 52.2 percent. In the total of the light commercial vehicle market based on the firm, Ford ranked first with the sales of 49,837 units, Fiat second with 38,700 units, Volkswagen third with 25,457 units. In imported ones in this segment, Volkswagen sold 25,457 units, Renault 10,574 units and Peugeot 6,287 units. In the domestic made light commercial vehicles, Ford ranked atop with 46,275 units, and then Fiat with 34,577 units and Isuzu with 1,823 units.

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