IETT Set For Intercontinental Trip

automotive1Renewing the public transport fleet completely, the IETT continues to send its operable buses to the countries in need. After sending 30 buses to Bosnia Herzegovina, now it is sending buses to Liberia and Chad. Over demand from Liberia for bus trainer personnel, the IETT has donated 20 Ikarus brand buses signing cooperation with TIKA (Turkish Prime Ministry Cooperation and Coordination Agency) through seaway to Liberia, according to the statement posted by the IETT. Having made entire maintenance and repairing of 20 buses, the IETT have shipped the buses to Liberia together with spare parts

n order to combat Ebola virus, the IETT also converted 2 buses into mobile hospital. Chad to reach buses in September Meanwhile, the IETT is preparing to send 20 buses to Chad over negotiation of Dr. Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan with Ahmet Kavas Turkish Ambassador to Chad and Dr. Havva Came, Governor of N’Djamena in Chad. After cooperation with TIKA, the maintenance-repairing and renewing processes of 20 units O 345 model Mercedes buses are continuing. The buses are planned to be shipped to N’Djamene Municipality in Chad in September. In order to get training 3 persons from Liberia and 3 from Chad came to Turkey. The teams who were trained for two weeks will train the personnel in their countries.