Export Volume Of Automotive Grows

The export volume of the Turkish automotive sector grows with every passing day, Alper Kanca, the head of Association of Automotive Parts & Components Manufacturers TAYSAD

Holding an evaluation meeting about the Turkish automotive sector, Alper Kanca, the head of TAYSAD, shared ten-year data of the sector with the members of TAYSAD at Istanbul Sheraton Atasehir Hotel.

Kanca said; “The Turkish automotive sector’s export volume is growing with every passing day. As of the end of October’17, the sector exports surged 21% to $23,8 billion. Our prediction for the year-end will exceed worth $27 billion. The automotive sector has become export champion as 11 consecutive years. We are running towards records once again.”

Exporting hybrid vehicles

Reminding a good development, Kanca said; “Hybrid C-HR vehicles which are manufactured by Toyota Turkey have a significant place in our sector export record. This is pleasing. The vehicle technologies are changing. As long as investments made in the sector our successes will continue as well.”

Sales of a one million vehicle in domestic market

Kei Okano, Purchasing Senior Manager of Toyota Motor, evaluating the automotive market in Turkey, and said; “The domestic automotive market closed the last year with 980 thousand units. Of these, 750 thousand units were passenger cars, 230 thousand units were light commercial vehicles. In other words, we mention a market with 1 million vehicles. Turkish automotive market is a big market being able to attract interest of foreign investors.”

“We trust in Turkey”

Indicating the sector investments made in Turkey had great importance for the supplier industry, Okano said; “It is good that we have been in Turkey, the supplier industry is very powerful and competent. The Turkish supplier industrialists have a great share in the success of Toyota. As Toyota, we trust in Turkey. In recent period, as Toyota we have had 8 new suppliers. Our 14 supplier facilities have enlarged their production capacity. 3 of them have installed new production facilities as well. These are the figures belong to Toyota. Every production facility is inaugurated in the automotive sector urges to install additional new supplier part facilities, as well as continuity in the investments.” He concluded by thanking the Turkish supplier industry about complying with the new developments in the sector.

In the meeting speaking about growth percentages of the Turkish economy, Basar Yildirim, the Top Economist of Princewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), said; “We can divide the growth story of Turkey into 3 sections as the breakthroughs that happened following the economic crisis in 2001, the global crisis which was broken out in 2008 and then as the period following the year 2012. If we look at current condition according to the data of 2017, Turkey ranks at third line in the developing countries. When we look at these development figures, we can focus on purchasing power, capacity utilization rate, industrial production, local sector confidence index. The sets of this data are the remarkable growth figures that support the data which has been spoken in 2017. I can say that we will grow over 5.5 percent in 2017.”

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