Doruk Buses To Serve For Public Transport In Malta

20A company of Koc Conglomerate, Otokar, which exports buses to over 40 countries, has gained first fleet order from Malta Island

Having preferred for 5 years consecutively in the Turkish market, Otokar Doruk bus is preparing to win heart of the people in Malta Island. The number of 142 Doruk buses of Otokar will be serving for public transport in Malta Island, according to the statement from the firm. As a company of Koc Conglomerate and exporting buses to over 40 countries, Otokar has gained first fleet order from Malta Island. The number of 142 right-hand drive (RHD) buses will be delivered for public transportation in Malta in 2015

The buses which are made of Otokar in Turkey will be delivered to the chosen company by Maltese Ministry of Transportation to serve for public transport. Having used for long years in European countries such as France, Italy, Germany and made up high admiration and customer satisfaction, Otokar buses have led the Maltese company to prefer the vehicles of Otokar. In the first stage, medium-sized Doruk buses have been ordered for the public transportation in Malta.

The sales as the first fleet exports were accomplished by Otokar European Company was established in 2011 headquartered in France. Doruk buses which will begin to serve this year in Malta Island are recognized by the name of Vectio in the European market. Design and production belong to Otokar Company; the buses attract attention as suitable for disabled people with its low entry, environmentally-friendly engine and high transport capacity. The order also first buses feature right-hand drive.