Does Your Vehicle Set For Winter?

does-your-vehicleWeather condition is heralding winter… for this reason how we prepare ourselves, home for winter conditions, we should also prepare our vehicles for winter, the first matter of winter preparation is to replace summer tire with winter ones, Bahadir Unsal, Secretary General of Tire Industrialists and Importers Association (LASID). LASID Secretary General Bahadir Unsal said the first thing must be made is to replace the summer tires with winter tires. Warning winter tire application would start on 1st December, without leaving to last day, it should be replaced earlier, and he called on all drivers to be sensible to the winter tires. The things must be made to let vehicles ready for the winter conditions that advised by LASID Secretary General Bahadir Unsal are as follows.
• Set your winter tires, when outdoor temperatures drop under +7 C degree, road holding feature of the summer tires reduces in remarkable size. However winter tires thanks to special back texture and design secure more powerful road holding and shorter braking distance and save life.
• Maintain your vehicle and make sure that there is not any problem existence
• Check battery.
• Antifreeze prevents vehicle freeze.
• Regarding sight distance that reduces in cold and rainy conditions, as well as wearing out possibility of the wipers might be quite high. Making check and maintenance of wipers; if necessary replacement is very vital. Pay attention to your wiper water for being a suitable liquid to protect windscreen from freezing and does not include alcohol.
• Check your vehicle’s driving problems. If there are problems such as having difficulty in first motion, disorder idle running mode and engine tune order, stopping, low power, have your vehicle to be adjusted at a service workshop.
• In order to prevent freezing of moisture in the fuel system add a bottle of ice preventer into fuel depot. Keep half of fuel depot full, because having full of half of depot will prevent freezing in pipes.
• Make your vehicle periodical maintenance compliance with recommended kilometers in handbook.
• Absolutely have suitable devices exist in baggage such as first aid bag, warning devices, charging cables, tow rope, chains, lantern, ice scraper, snow brush, a small shovel, glove and blanket.
• Apply special driving techniques suitable to the winter conditions. Pay attention to following distance, reduce
speed, and avoid instant speeding up so as to prevent drift and slipping. Use engine brake in order to stop or slowing by decreasing gears.