Diesel-Powered Automobiles Exceed 3 Million

14The number of diesel-powered automobiles has exceeded 3 million, meanwhile rate of gasoline-powered automobile decreased in Turkey

In Turkey, mostly LPG-powered cars are used, gasoline powered car rate has decreased, as for the number of diesel-powered cars has exceeded 3 million. As of the end of March, there are 19 million 114 thousand 304 vehicles registered in traffic in Turkey, according to the statement from Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat). In March, 57.2 percent of 106,425 vehicles registered at traffic are automobiles with 60,845 units. 41.1 percent of the total of registered 10 million 40 thousand 689 automobiles are powered through LPG accounting for 4,1 million units.

The diesel-powered automobiles exceeded 3 million. As of March, 29.9 percent of the registered 3 million 2 thousand 63 automobiles at traffic consisted of diesel-powered vehicles. The rate of gasoline-powered automobiles plunged to 28.6 percent to 2 million 873 thousand 868. In 2004, the distribution of the vehicles according to their fuel was like this; three-fourth automobiles were gasoline powered; 75.2 percent gasoline powered, 4.7 percent diesel powered, 14.7 percent LPG powered of 5 million 400 thousand 440 automobiles. During last 11 years while rate of gasoline powered automobiles plunged 46.6 points, diesel powered automobiles’ rate raised 25.2 points. LPG powered automobiles’ rate surged 26.4 points in this process

In March, Volkswagen brand vehicles saw much interest with 17.3 percent. This brand followed by Toyota with 7.6 percent, Renault with 2.8 percent. Every 2 of 3 automobiles registered in traffic observed featuring with white color with 62 percent. The white automobiles followed by gray with 16.4 percent, black with 9.4 percent and red ones with 5.1 percent. In this period, 37 percent of the automobiles’ engines were 1501 – 1600cc; 23.7 percent of the automobiles possessed 1401-1500cc engines, 19 percent had 1300 cc and under engine volume