CMS Qualified As Global Supplier Of Ford

cmsCMS is now one of 5 foremost light aluminum alloyed wheel producers in the world regarding being qualified to take place in the supplier pool of Ford Motor Company, the 5th big automotive firm of the world

CMS Group was deemed to deserve Ford Q1 award and flag which means the potential supplier of Ford Motor Company for its all production plants across the world. Being the only alloyed wheel supplier of Ford Otosan plant in Yenikoy and Ford Courier model, CMS has deserved to get Ford Q1 plaque and flag at a ceremony held at the facilities of CMS in the district of Cigli, Izmir. Having a business volume worth 5 million euro per annum with Ford, the CMS firm has been owner of one of Q1 awards which are presented by Ford Otosan to 18 new suppliers. Ford Q1 Award means to take place in the global supplier pool of the 5th big automotive firm of the world producing 6 million vehicles per annum and also means to own the potential supplier statue for the facilities of Ford Motor Company across the world. In 1985, beginning to serve Turkey’s first alloyed wheel producer, CMS, now, is one of the foremost light aluminum alloyed wheel producers in the world. In addition to its plants in Pinarbası and Cigli districts in Izmir, CMs has increased its production up to 9 million units together with the plant in Gaziemir district.

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