Bosch To Invest TL650 Million In Turkey

Bosch is investing worth TL650 million in Turkey this year, the lion’s share is going to the facilities in the northwestern province of Bursa

“Our investments continue in 2017 as well, Steve Young, Head of Bosch responsible for Turkey and the Middle East. This year we are investing in Turkey worth TL650 million and the lion’s share in Bursa, he added.

Coming together with press members at a restaurant in Bursa, Young said the city was a very crucial location for Bosch, “We can say Bursa is a fortress of ours.”

Young said 2016 was a good year for Bosch, the turnover of the firm grew 3.6 percent to $73,1 billion with 390 thousand employees.

Reminding Bosch Turkey has also grown with 14 percent to TL12 billion, Young continued; “We maintained our investments. As the group we accomplished investment worth TL750 million in Turkey. In this meaning, Turkey drew 4th big investment in the scope of Bosch global. In this meaning Turkey is a very important country for Bosch.”

Increasing its employment figure over 17 thousand, in this respect Turkey ranked atop after Germany and 5th big in the world.

Informing about its operations in Turkey Young said, “We did a very prestigious project in security system. Bosch made the all security cameras of Eurasia double tunnel as software, hardware and complete operation.”

About this year’s realization and expectation, Young said, “If we make comparison H12017 with the same period last year, we are ahead 10 percent. According to our predictions, we foresee that we might close this year with 10 percent growth over last year. We continue our investments in 2017 too.”

Indicating Bosch continued to grow in the facility specific in the aspect of producing diesel and gasoline and brake and hydraulic systems, Young said they had raised capacity utilization especially in brake systems, the old campus which served for 1,3 million vehicles would be able to serve for 2,2 million vehicles.

Industry 4.0

Telling Bosch had launched Industry 4.0 in 2011 with the German government and introduced to the world, Young said, “We have the number of 250 production utilities and of these over 100 operate compliance with Industry 4.0 across the world. Our factory in Bursa, thermos-technique in Manisa and our factory in Cerkezkoy take place in these 100 factories. In other words, since 2014 we have started these implementations at our factories.”

Responding questions of reporters, Young said, “I shared the investments made last year with you, in addition to the figures this year. We have realized our investments as planned. In addition, I would like to tell this, now there is a good condition for investment. If we approach the issue in terms of incentives, currently there are attractive incentives in Turkey. Last year, we have been chosen as the firm using the most incentive rate last year in automotive field. This shows operations of Bosch in Turkey and indicator of confidence in Turkey.”

Young concluded, “We continue our investments in Turkey. We have been in Turkey for 106-107 years. Turkey saw lots of things during this time and we have maintained our entity in Turkey in an increasing way. Short term incidences do not affect our long term perspectives.”

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