Automotive Supplier Exports Up 28 Percent To Mexico

automotive“Turkish automotive supplier industry exports increased 28 percent to Mexico in March, this marks a robust potential for the Turkish automotive industry,” Sabuncu, Chairman of the OIB.

Turkish automotive exports to Mexico surged 28 percent in March year on year, Orhan Sabuncu, Chairman of Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB). He added that having predominantly imported automotive supplier industry, the country had a powerful potential for the Turkish industrialists. Sabuncu stated they participated in PAACE Automechanika Fair held in Mexico approved one of the foremost organizations in the automotive supplier industry in the American continent, adding that they had also realized “purchasing committee” organization at Automechanika Istanbul held in April. Stating the representatives of 470 companies from 21 countries took place at PAACE regarded as an emerging organization due to allowing the purchasing officials of the firms from the American continents meet with the participant firms, Sabuncu highlighted some 20 thousand professional visitors showed interest in 11 Turkish firms joined the fair in the leading of the OIB. Reminding the Turkish automotive exports had begun with loss in January, passed to upwards trend since February, Sabuncu said, “In February, our exports became $25 million increasing 56 percent in Mexico. The automotive exports to North and South American country group including Mexica became $96 million with 5 percent increase in March.” Sabuncu pointed out Mexico was a country attracting automotive investments in remarkable rate regarding both low production costs and closing to the US market. Marking Mexica had a great share in its imports of automobile and automotive supplier industry Sabuncu said, “The automotive supplier industry takes the first place in the imports of Mexico. The total automotive imports of the country account for 64 percent. Our exports to Mexico increased 28% in March. The country’s imports happen predominantly in the automotive supplier industry, imply a robust potential for the Turkish automotive industry. This year, I believe that we would increase our exports both in the supplier industry and commercial and special purpose vehicles.”

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