Automotive Set Previous Export Record In November

The Turkish automotive sector has broken its previous export record which was $24,7 billion in the year 2008 with $24,8 billion as of 17th November 2017 and paved way to achieve its target $27 billion set for this year

The Turkish automotive sector has broken exports record worth $24,7 billion ever before in 2008, since then the sector set its previous record in the exports as of 17th November, 2017 worth $24,8 billion, according to the statement from Orhan Sabuncu, Chairman of Uludag Automotive Institute Exporters Association (OIB).

Sabuncu reminded the sector’s export figures in the first ten months of the year 2017 were $23,4 billion with 21 percent increase over the same period last year.

Stating they would chase the sector exports day by day since 1st November, Sabuncu said; “The sector exports had hit the highest figure in the year 2008 with $24,7 billion. That year was the beginning of the global finance crisis. After that date, the sector exports plunged by $15 billion. Following this year, the automotive sector boosted its exports increasingly and we have reached by $23,9 billion last year. We knew that we might set another record in the exports this year. Thus, we have set targets in line with this prediction. As of 17th November 2017, the sector raising its exports by $24,8 billion breaking all-time record that was previously $24,7 billion.”

Consecutively 12th sectorial exports record

Reminding there were also other records, Sabuncu continued; “The automotive sector has been the export champion in overall exports of Turkey with the 11 consecutive years. The year 2017 will be 12th year. We have also achieved it presently.

Year-end exports will exceed $28 billion

Reminding the year-end exports figures were very important, Sabuncu concluded, “The exports target for 2017 has been set as $27 billion at the beginning. However when look at the sector export trend; the figure will reach $28 billion even it will exceed some. This is very important figure.”

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