Automotive Production Surges 6 Percent


The total number of automotive industry production increased 6 percent to 1 million 33 thousand units in the first nine months this year.

The total production of the automotive industry surged 6 percent to 1 million 33 thousand units, as for the automobile production 13 percent in January- September 2016. In this period, the total number of the automobile production accomplished 641 thousand units. Increasing 6 percent the total automobile production reached by 1 million 33 thousand, the automotive production surged 13 percent to 641 thousand units in January-September 2016 over the same period preceding year. The total production has reached highest level when the data compared in terms of January – September in the years 2006 – 2016. Together with tractor the total number of production reached by 1 million 72 thousand units in the first 9 months this year. The production in trucks, midibus, light trucks and minibuses decreased 50, 47, 42, 27 percent; in pick up and buses production increased 3 and 2 percent respectively in this period. Tractor production increased 1 percent to 39,144 units. When the production data compared between the years 2006-2016, the tractor production has reached highest level as of January-September 2016. The total domestic market decreased 6 percent to 653 thousand units in this period compared to the same period previous year. The domestic automobile market contracted 2 percent to 489 thousand units in the first 9 months this year. The market share of automobile imports became 76 percent in the first 9 months this year. The total sales of the automobiles decreased 2 percent, imported ones 1 percent; the domestic made ones decreased 7 percent in January-September 2016. In September 2016, the imported automobiles accounted for 79 percent. In the first 9 nine, the sales of imported light commercial vehicles became 48 percent. The total sales of light commercial vehicles plunged 9 percent, imported ones 5 percent, domestic ones 13 percent respectively. In September 2016, the share of the imported light commercial vehicles became 48 percent. The heavy commercial vehicle market plunged 46 percent to 16,333 units, the truck market 47 percent to 14,027 units, midibus market 44 percent to 1,312 units and bus market 25 percent to 994 units respectively. In the last decade on average while the total market surged 25 percent and automobile market 42 percent respectively; the light commercial vehicle market decreased 3 percent and heavy commercial vehicle market 39 percent. As for the exports, while the total automotive exports raised 13 percent based on unit, the automobile exports increased 17 percent in this period. The total exports became 797 thousand units; the automobile exports accomplished 502 thousand units. The commercial vehicle exports increased 6 percent; the total vehicle exports increased 13 percent in this period over the same period last year. Tractor exports decreased 7 percent to 10,176 units. In this period, the number of 797 thousand vehicles, of these 502 thousand units were automobiles, were exported accounting for 77 percent of the total production. In the first 9 months, the total automotive exports increased 10 percent to $17 billion 356 million, as for based on euro, the exports became 15 billion 543 million according to Uludag Exporters Association (UIB).

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