Automotive Production Increases 3 Percent

automotive-productionIn January-February months this year, Turkish automotive production increased 3 percent totaling 218 thousand units over the same months previous year

The total automotive production increased 3 percent, automobile production 4 percent in the first two months this year. So the number of total production became 218 thousand, automobile production 131 thousand units in this period. Together with tractor production the total sector production reached by 227 thousand units. Tractor production raised 9 percent to 8 thousand 707 units in January-February 2016. When make comparison in terms of January-February between the years 2006-2016, tractor production has reached the highest level in this period. As for the total automotive market decreased 8 percent to 88 thousand units. The automobile market decreased 2 percent to 64 thousand units in January – February 2016. The share of imported automobiles was 72 percent in this period in the first two months. While the imported automobile sales decreased 1 percent, the domestic made ones decreased 4 percent. In February 2016, share of the imported automobiles became 75 percent. In the aspect of the exports, as the unit-base exports totally increased 5 percent to 167 thousand, accounting for 167 thousand units of the total production, the automotive exports decreased 1 percent to 99 thousand units. In the first two months, while automobile exports decreased 1 percent, commercial vehicle exports increased 14 percent. The tractor exports decreased 4 percent to 2,462 units in this period. The sector exports increased 2 percent to $3,575 billion. The market share of the light commercial vehicle was 47 percent in the first two months this year. The sales of total light commercial vehicles decreased 12 percent, domestic made light commercial vehicles decreased 19 percent, imported ones 4 percent respectively in this period in January-February. In February 2016, the market share of imported light commercial vehicles became 46 percent. The market share of heavy commercial vehicles decreased 53 percent to 2,425, truck market 59 percent to 1,872 units, midibus market 13 percent to 341 units and bus market 7 percent to 212 respectively. In the last decade, as the total market increased 19 percent, automobile market 36 percent respectively; the light commercial vehicle market decreased 4 percent, heavy commercial vehicle market 44 percent respectively.

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