Anadolu Isuzu, A New Solution Partner

With the new generation vehicles, Anadolu Isuzu is going to be a new solution partner of municipalities in Europe

Premiered the new generation Novociti Life at Busworld 2017 held Kortrijk, the lower floor that supports disabled and elderly passengers’ participation in social life, Anadolu Isuzu has put forward its claim in the sector Visigo equipped with high safety technological.

Tugrul Arikan, Director General of Anadolu Isuzu, reminded they had become the export champion of Turkey 12 times with Isuzu coaches they manufacture, he added, “we try to rise our export markets by 60 countries in 2020.”

Anadolu Isuzu also introduced Isuzu Visigo having new active and passive safety precautions, as premiering Novociti Life joining the foremost specialized bus fair, Busworld 2017.

Tugrul Arikan in his speech delivered at the fair said the lower floor Novociti would facilitate disabled passengers’ life and Visigo equipped with the state-of-the-art technology safety to be the new solution partners of the municipalities in Europe.

He continued: “We offer safe and comfortable travels on the world roads with our coaches manufacturing at our facilities with partnership of Isuzu Motors Limited and exporting to over 30 countries in 3 continents. We manufacture every model buses of Isuzu for 33 years in Turkey the only production center in Europe of Isuzu. We are the foremost exporting of coaches from Turkey to markets abroad. We have become the export champion of Turkey 12 times in Isuzu coaches we manufactured in the last 13 years. In 2016, we exported our Citiport, Visigo, Citibus, Turquoise and Novo models to over 30 countries. We aim to carry our success gained in 2016 to 2017 as well. In 2017 we have boosted our total export turnover 20% compared to the previous year. Our objective is to reach nearly 60 countries in 2020. And raise the share we get from the total sales in the exports over 30% and also raising our total export turnover over 100 million euro. Our efforts in line with travel and passenger safety concept coaches will continue increasingly as well as diversifying.”

Lower floor Isuzu Novociti Life will ease life of disabled and elderly people

Novociti Life of which will be premiered at the beginning of 2018 will acquire a brand-new dimension for city transport. Nowadays, needs in city transport sector and expectations in small buses are differentiated, Novociti Life will reflect this change. Having designed as lower floor coach Novociti Life will facilitate to access to public transport vehicles of disabled and elderly people and will support their adaptation to city-life. Change which was made in Novocity by transferring the engine to rear will contribute to travels to be more comfortable due to noise insulation. Novocity Life will be new solution partner of the European municipalities with its suitable price and operational cost.Taking place at Busworld 2017 fair, Isuzu Visigo put forward its claim in 9,5 m length coach segment.

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