A New Revolution Appears In Automotive

Automotive industry is a driving force of the Turkish economy, possessing an outstanding infrastructure in the sector there is no hindrance in manufacturing a domestic made automobile

“We manufacture a vehicle in every 13 seconds. There is a new revolution in automobile sector. We will have manufactured domestic made automobile in the new revolution just in timing,” Rifat Hisarciklioğlu, the head of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB).

Rifat Hisarciklioğlu, Chairman of the TOBB, commented about the domestic made automobile manufacturing.

Saying the country economy has been growing with every passing day, Hısarciklioglu said; “The growth data of the third quarter has not yet been announced. The growth of the country would be surprisingly in big and high rate. As for the year-end, we will be achieving 7 percent of growth. In the year 2016, we experienced a gloomy year regarding coup attempt. Despite war on terror has been continuing in our southern border, Turkish business sector has generated job nearly for 1 million 500 thousand people and also accomplished a great growth rate.”

Regarding domestic made automobile manufacturing, he said; “I hope constituting the joint-venture process of the group that will manufacture the domestic made car will complete in the first months of 2018. In 2019, the first automobile prototype will be running. In 2021, the domestic made automobiles will access to the world markets.”

Indicating the automotive industry has been a locomotive position in the Turkish economy, he continued; “Our progress began in 1960. In the year 1960, we have manufactured 12 automobiles under the name of Devrim (Revolution). Later a wonderful industrialization has launched via assembling industry in the automotive sector. In 1996, following Customs Union we manufacture a vehicle in every 13 seconds. In every 16 seconds a vehicle which is manufactured in Turkey is exported. When we look at the issue in the aspect of Turkey’s exports, the automotive manufacturing and automotive supplier industry is number one sector of ours. With regard to existing a state-of-the-art technology in the sector there is no obstacle in vehicle production, but time is transforming to technology period. There is a new revolution in automobile production. We will have manufactured the domestic made automobile by keeping up with new revolution just in time in the sector.”

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