4,4 Million Secondhand Vehicles Hand Over In 2015

44-milliomThe number of 4,4 million vehicles handed over in 2015, the most trading happened in Istanbul in the secondhand vehicles in the Turkish automotive market

As in the new vehicle sales, also intensive activity was seen in Istanbul in the sales of second hand vehicles with 14 percent growth in 2015. Completing the year 2015 with the sales of 4 million 396 thousand 899 units, the secondhand automobile market accomplished the bestseller in Istanbul with 958 thousand 817 units. Following Istanbul, the sales of secondhand vehicles happened mostly in Ankara with the number of 527 thousand 705 units, in Izmir the number was 252 thousand 58 units, Bursa with 177 thousand 217 units, these provinces were followed by Antalya, Konya, Adana, Gaziantep, Mersin and Kayseri respectively in the secondhand vehicle sales in 2015. The most transaction was made in December and April in the secondhand vehicle sales last year. According to the research results conducted by Automotive Authorized Seller Association (OYDER) and EBS Automotive
Management Consultancy and Statistical Company, the data of TurkStat and notary have also been taken into consideration in the survey which was held in 81 provinces in Turkey. Stating the secondhand vehicle market was intensive and active in 2015, Z. Alp Gulan, Chairman of OYDER, said, “Earl Hesterberg, CEO of Group 1 Auto and Associate Prof. Dr. Leonardo Buzzavo from Verona University highlighted importance of the secondhand automobile sales at OYDER Automotive Congress held last year. We also pay attention to the sales of 4 million 400 thousand secondhand vehicles, on the contrary the number of 725 thousand new automobiles sold in 2015 in Turkey. As the authorized dealers association, we realize new investments to offer reliable service and offering true vehicles to consumers in the secondhand vehicles in addition to new vehicles.”

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