“2015 To Be Better”

28Renault Mais General Manager Ibrahim Aybar, “2015 will be better than last year in line with current economic conjecture in term of the market”

In 2015, the Turkish automotive market would realize in the level of last year or some over, Ibrahim Aybar, General Manager of Renault Mais, said. Aybar said Renault Group sold the number of 133,212 vehicles in 2014 at a meeting that he shared and evaluated the results of last year.

Through the sales in last year they obtained 17.4 percent share from the domestic market through the sales of passenger and light commercial vehicles and recorded 0.4 percent growth compared to the previous year and they achieved the highest market share of last 13 years.

Stating Renault brand achieved its 16th leadership in the passenger car market, Aybar continued; “In 2014, the brand accomplished 15.3 percent of market share with the sales of 90,027 unit passenger car, the brand increased its market share 0.7 percent compared to the previous year. In the total market of passenger and light commercial vehicles it ranked second with the sales of 98,743 units and 12.9 percent.” Fluence became leader in C segment with the sales number of 32,252 and 18.5 percent in Turkish market, Aybar noted. He added Symbol kept its place in the market with the sales of 20,242 units and was leader in B segment; this model raised its segment share from 49.3 percent in 2013 to 52.3 percent in 2014.

Clio HB sold 22,545 units with 19.5 percent setting the leadership of B2 segment; Clio Sport Tourer was the leader of B3 segment with the sales of 5,846 units and 59.2 percent. Captur, which entered B7 segment first time, completed 2014 as leader in the segment with 3,172 units and 29.7 percent. Megane Sport Tourer was the leader of C3 segment with 28.7 percent,” Ayber said. Aybar also said Renault brand’s models featured “bestseller automobile”, “bestseller station wagon (SW), “bestseller sedan”, “bestseller diesel brand” in 2014. In 2013, Renault Group raised 5th big market position in the Turkish market and lined up following France and Germany in the European countries, Aybar added.

Highlighting Renault brand had kept high domestic made vehicle rate, Aybar said, “7 out of 10 models of the brand, which are sold in the Turkish market, are manufactured at Oyak Renault Plants. Only 3 models of the brand are not domestic made.”

About the year 2015, Aybar said, “Nearly 31 percent decrease was experienced in commodity prices since June to date. Also dramatic plunge was experienced in oil prices and declining trend is continuing. If the oil prices get stability in this levels or plunging continues this circumstance would contribute 2 points to inflation. In 2015, the economic growth and indicators would realize in line with medium-term program, considering interests, inflation that happened under the expectations in 2014; we predict those indicators would be repressed in line with downward trend. The market share of the sector would be in the level of 2014 or some extend over last year.”

Oyak Renault General Manager Ales Bratoz said they produced the number of 318,246 automobile with additional 261 new employees in three shift order in 2014. He stated despite 11.6 percent plummeting in the domestic market, the production increase was achieved by appraising the increase in the European market thanks to exports. Bratoz said Oyak Renault got share 43.39 percent from automobile production and 27.19 percent share from the total production, adding Oyak Renault had maintained production leadership in the Turkish automotive industry. Oyak Renault exported 257,992 automobiles, obtained 29.14 percent of the total automobile exports and 44.33 percent of the passenger cars in 2014.