2015 To Be A New Milestone For HIDIRUSTA

6Maintaining its stable growth graphic through its investments and distribution network which enlarges with every passing day, Hıdır Usta has done a swift start in 2015.

Stating they had added the world giant producers such as Euroricambi, SKF and FAG on its current brands which they distribute, Riza Sahin, General Manager of Hıdır Usta Motorized Vehicles, pointed out they would expand the vehicle groups this year, adding that they announced the growth targets as 25 percent

Q – Would you tell us current position of Hıdır Usta which takes place among powerful representatives of spare parts sector since the establishment to date? A- Stepping into spare parts sector in 1978, since 1997 expertizing especially in MAN and Mercedes-Benz brands commercial vehicles in spare parts distribution, Hıdır Usta Motorized Vehicle today has been in the position owning the highest turnover of its segment. We also sign global cooperation besides our activities directed towards the domestic market. In this scope, including Hıdır Usta, coming together with 10 companies TATCOM Inc. have been set up and have become shareholder of TEMOT INTERNATIONAL, a world automotive market leading player. As known ‘Aftermarket Professional Club’ TEMOT’s members play an outstanding role in the development of the sector across the world.

Q- How does your motto that called ‘Your Spare Part Warehouse’ reflect to your mission and business processes? A- Keeping customer satisfaction and quality in the front plan with the motto ‘Your Spare Parts Warehouse’ we, as Hıdır Usta, make a principle offering possible quickest service to our customers with 1 headquarters, 4 branches, product diversity, experienced employees and strong infrastructure. As for our mission, we can summarize as “respecting our customers’ time and rights, fulfilling our responsibility to human being, environment and universal values.” Q- Would we get more detail information about product range of Hıdır Usta which represents nearly 60 world brands? A- We operate distributorship of the leading brands in their area in spare parts of heavy commercial vehicles such as MAN and Mercedes-Benz. The brands that we currently distribute as follows: Blacktech, Bando, Behr, Beru, Beşer, BF, Boge, Bogra, Bosch, Brio, Contitech, Corteco, Dayco, Delco, Depo, Diesel Technic, Dinex, Ditaş, Elring, Erich Jager, Euroricambi, FAG, Febi, Ferodo, FTE, Garrett, Glyco, Goetze, Haldex, Hella, Hengst, Holset, Hubner, INA, KKK-Schwitzer, Kongsberg, Laso, Lemforder, Maysan, Mekra, NTN, OE Germany, Orex, Pobjeda, Prestolite, Racor, Sachs, Sampa, Sanz, Separ, Seuffer, SKF, SKT, Supar, Supsan, Textar, Valeo, VDO, Voith, Wabco ve ZF.

17 percent growth, infrastructure worth TL1 million

Q- As Hıdır Usta, what kind of performance did you perform in 2014? Would you tell us your branches that you have commissioned and investments in infrastructure? A- In terms of our company the 2014 has been staged lots of crucial steps. Our branching works which we started in the last quarter of previous year began ripen the fruits. After the branch in Gaziantep, we have commissioned our branches in Ankara, Samsun. Last year, our last stop was Izmir, a pearl of the Aegean. So, we have reached a more powerful structure with one headquarters and 4 branches as well as our travelling teams. Enlarging our customer portfolio in an outstanding size, we are able to distribute to 2000 different locations.

Meanwhile, we achieved growth in rate of 17 percent in terms of our turnover. Including branching investments, we allocated worth TL1 million for our infrastructure investments. Q- Last year, you let your B2B system meet with your customers as well. Would you mention also this investment? A- Last year, we have opened a new page at our B2B Online Order System that we started in 2009 to date. We have also renewed our B2B system from top to bottom including design to functionality, content to menus in order to be able to respond right and quickly to developed technology and changing needs in business processes. As the result of inclusive investment and teamwork, our implementation entered into force on https://b2b.hidirusta.com as of June 2014 that brings together many innovations in spare parts order.

Thanks to use-friendly Hıdır Usta B2B System without needing any mediator, independently from time and space, following the current account, 3D Secure System paying by credit card, password and knowledge updating can be made via computer or smart phone, tablet computer. With our B2B solution which provides safety data in the world standards, error rate in the processes of supply, order and payment decreases to zero. Q- Which headlines are there on your agenda in 2015? A- In the framework of our aim to be a first firm that would come to mind in all commercial vehicles’ spare parts segment, the year 2015 will be a remarkable year for us. We are planning to serve to DAF, Volvo, Renault Trucks and Scania as well as MAN and Mercedes-Benz. As for our next step will be light commercial vehicle group. This year also we will gather fruits of our investments we made. We target to grow over 25 percent.

We can be a base in spare parts of Europe

Q- Lastly, would we get your assessments directed towards Turkish spare parts sector? A- When we consider Turkey’s targets set for 2023, I consider noteworthy opportunities in the spare parts side as much as the automotive main industry. Domestic made parts use rate in the main industry gradually reduce. In order to prevent this negative condition, regulations should be enacted to encourage the projects and production in automotive main industry, to provide sourcing of domestic made components. Turkish automotive industry has an infrastructure in engine reconditioning issue. In my opinion, in addition to components prices, also cheap and qualified labor force is a great advantage. It is possible to be engine reconditioning center and spare part supplier base of Europe with a suitable lawful regulation. For this, primarily feasibility study needs to be made.