1915 Canakkale Suspension Bridge Construction Full Steam Ahead

The construction activities in 1915 Canakkale Suspension Bridge have been accelerated to be the longest suspension bridge in the world

The construction activities in 1915 Canakkale Suspension Bridge have been accelerated. On 18th March 2017, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Premiere Binali Yildirim attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the bridge which features the longest suspension bridge in the world.

The works at the 1915 Canakkale Suspension Bridge continues in full swing both in European and Asian sides. As dry pool works are continuing at the work-site to be used in the construction of legs into sea in Sutluce district of Gelibolu town, drilling works are made in Sekerkaya district of Lapseki town. Having planned to be completed in 2023, the bridge will feature the biggest suspension bridge of the world with central span of 2023 meters.

Hakan Kilickaya, the head-office of Gelibolu town, said the bridge is being built by 4 firms two of them are the Turkish firm and two are Korean firms. Stating the bridge would ensure extreme benefit in terms of economy to Gelibolu, it would not affect the sea transport negatively. Stating currently 110 people were working at the work site in Sutluce district where dry pool activities are continuing to be used in legs construction of the bridge, Kilinckaya said; “The bridge construction is continuing around the clock with two shifts in full swing. The dry pool construction in 170×270 sizes, in 15 meters length continues. The bridge legs will be built into these pools being buoyed on the surface of sea. The dry pool construction will finish by the year-end. Together with viaducts having length in 5,2 kilometers the bridge will be completed in 2023.

“One of prestigious projects of Turkey”

Eyup Yilmaz, Mayor of Lapseki town from Ak party, in his statement said; “1915 Canakkale Bridge is very important. It is one of the mega projects of Turkey. For this, studies have been conducted both in ground and sea. The nationalization is managed according to this. The work site has been installed in Gelibolu side for the construction of dry pools. As for the works for the sheet metals are continuing to be installed in Lapseki town. From the new year the works will be launched.” Pointing out movement has begun in Lapseki town together with groundbreaking and starting of the construction, he said they would help those who want to invest in the areas can be invested.

Stating their doors were open for everybody to invest in the region, Yilmaz said; “Alongside of the bridge construction a movement will be experienced in our region. For this reason there are lots of works to be made both by the local governments and central government. The population of Lapseki is 50-60 thousand, after 20 years it would reach by 100 thousand. We are preparing Lapseki for the future.”

“Longest suspension bridge of the world”

1915 Canakkale Suspension Bridge will be the longest bridge in the world with central span in 2023 meter length between its legs. The tables of the bridge are planned in 36 meters width and 5 meters height. The total length of the bridge will be 3,869 meters. The bridge will have two ways one each with 3 lanes. The legs will be built into the sea; the proximity viaduct in Lapseki will be 650 meters, in Gelibolu side to be in 900 meters length. Kınalı-Tekirdag-Canakkale-Savastepe Highway project, Malkara-Canakkale part (including 1915 Canakkale suspension bridge) was tendered in build-operate-transfer model. The joint-venture project group suggested TL10 billion 354 ,5 million of the project cost and including 5,5 years construction period totally 16 years 2 months of operation period. The highway will start from Silivri town of Istanbul and marriage with the highway in Balıkesir province. In the scope of the project, a total of 31 viaducts, 5 tunnels, 30 bridges with junctions, 143 down and upper passages will be constructed.

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